Thursday, March 06, 2008

[diem's list] a special one!

I know, it's late notice, however if you are not doing anything
TONIGHT get your arse on down to my friend D-Nice's "Women of the
World Poetry Slam Send-Off Show". She is the bestest slam poet ever in
the whole wide world -- really! It's tonight! Be there or you'll make
the bunny cry!

From the evite:

Women of the World Poetry Slam Send-Off Show
Host: Denise Jolly
Location: Richard Hugo House
1634 11th ave, Seattle, WA US
When: Thursday, March 6, 7:00PM
Phone: 206-661-4373

Tara Hardy and Denise Jolly will soon be traveling to the first ever
Women of the World Poetry Slam competition in Detroit , Michigan .
You are personally invited to their send-off show. Why? Because they
both need your bon voyage voltage, and Tara needs your scores.

Scores? Yes, scores! While Denise will be the Divine Diva of hosting
bouts in the Motor City (and spittinâ?? a few poems on the side of her
own), Tara will be in the Motown ring competing (think mud-wrestling,
add poetry, stir). So, at the send-off show you will be invited to
score poems as Tara reads â??em (in order that she assess which poems
just might rip the rubber off the Walter Reuther Highway). Thatâ??s
rightâ??as Tara performs, youâ??ll be using that gorgeous and
automatic tallying machine that sits atop yer pristine neck to come up
with a number-grade for each poem. (For a few of you, this will be
your chance to grade the teacher. Heh heh.) But fear notâ??this is
fun, not daunting, and will be fully explained at the show.

Denise, instead of asking for scores, will simply be offering the gift
of her performance. As she elegantly weaves heart and gut and salt
and silk in the form of words (add flight and stir) youâ??ll be given
the opportunity to sit agape the poetic splendor she is.

You, our esteemed guest, have Denise and Tara â??s authentic promise
that they will inspire you to feel at least one of the following
things or your money back: frightful glee, riotous devotion, exuberant
dread, unnerved elation, reprieved sorrow, lawless gratitude,
disturbed hilarity, accidental joy (Whoops! Joy!), immoderate
nostalgia, willful debauchery, or just general unruly itchiness.

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