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[diem's list] list for the March 21-23 weekend with two new events!

Hello bunnies! Two more events have come forward, and the missing girl was found -- hence the two posts in one week. If you have something cool, or know of something unique, you can post here. SEND TO ME DIRECTLY!  99.5% of all posts are okay for here, except the ones offering to refinance your P3ni$ enlargement with money from a Nigerian cousin who wants to bestow you with $22 MILLION dollars.

1) H'Art Opening SEATTLE -- w/Diem performing (lengthy post--and please do NOT repost this portion) Friday March 21st
2) Bunnarchy VICTORIA -- Saturday March 22nd


3) Henta's CD release Par-Tay SEATTLE Sunday March 23rd
3) White Elephant Record Exchange Project GLOBAL
4) Missing Girl found! SACRAMENTO

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*** Please DO NOT REPOST on any lists or websites.  This is a lengthy message.  Please take the time to read it.
I'd like to personally invite you to the "h'Art Opening" fundraiser on Friday (March 21) at the Transcendent Church of Bass.  March 21 is a very auspicious day – it is full moon, Spring Equinox, first day of Aries, and also an important day in many spiritual traditions (Good Friday, Purim, Nawruz etc.)  A perfect day for opening our hearts!
Coral (DJ)
Diem (DJ)
EQlateral (Live)
Geminitrix (DJ)
Kristina Childs (DJ)
Madly in Dub (live)
Michael Holden (DJ)
Lara (DJ)
Skoi (DJ)

Feedback on February 15 h'Art Opening:
Before I continue I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone that volunteered as well as the 300 of you that attended the first h'Art Opening on February 15 – it was a beautiful event!  And thank you for all your feedback – it's great to hear about your heart-opening experiences.  Success is not measured by money, but we did raise $1,424 for the insurance fund, as well as $475 for Burners without Borders.  Thank you for that.
The intention with h'Art Opening is to co-create an environment that celebrates our artists, and fosters a deeper level of interaction between people - more of a personal heart-connection.  "Hi, how are you" is great, but we believe that strong community is built on a deeper level.  Our vision is to create sacred space for people to gather; space that promotes heart opening through music, art, performance, d├ęcor, lighting, and great conversation.  The upstairs will have a loungy feel that is soft, sensual, and dreamy, an invitation to the feminine side of the music/art scene.  The downstairs space will balance the energy with a more masculine, warehouse feel, and feature heavier dance beats.  A simple quick opening and closing will seal the space, and bring us together with intention.
Hours, cover, and gifting:
It's an early party that goes late – we're opening doors at 7:20pm for the first part of the evening. (20 after the hour is the key to identifying our events)  The first couple of hours will be more along the lines of a traditional Art Opening where we can meet artists and friends over a glass of wine, get a chance to catch up on conversations and so forth.  We're asking you to please come early - there will be a reduced cover of $5 until 9pm, and $10 thereafter.  25% of the door money raised at this month's event will be gifted to our neighbor Cityteam ( for the construction of a trash and recycling enclosure on their property.
Call for artists, musicians, and volunteers:
If you're an artist and are interested in showing your work at this month's or a future h'Art Opening, please send us an e-mail with a brief bio to  We're especially interested in heart-related art pieces.
If you're a musician or DJ and would like to perform at this month's or a future h'Art Opening, please send an e-mail with a brief bio to
If you're a performer and would like to perform at this month's or a future h'Art Opening, please send an e-mail with a brief bio to
If you have ideas or suggestions for activities we can incorporate into this month's or a future h'Art Opening, please e-mail us at
It takes many volunteers to bring this together, and we'd appreciate help, especially volunteers during the event.  Here are a few categories, and corresponding e-mail address to use.
·         If you'd like to volunteer at our alcoholic or non-alcoholic bar we'd love to hear from you – please send an e-mail to, and please also let us know whether you have a class 12 license.
·         If you'd like to help as a greeter at the door during the event – please send an e-mail
·         If you'd like to volunteer to help with anything else, including setup or cleanup, please send an e-mail to
Musical Lineup and Art:
We're still finalizing the music and artists for this month's h'Art Opening, and will send out more details in the reminder e-mail next week.  I can assure you that it's going to be world-class!  There is also going to be lots of opportunity to interact and create your own art.  We'll be offering journeys during h-Art Opening in Louisa's innovative "Sonosphere" - check it out at  And get ready for the Supernatural Trickster Brigade!
We've decided to only serve red wine this time, and only between the hours of 7:20 and 9:20.  We would like to share the rational with you: The serving of alcohol requires the most volunteers during the event, particularly class 12 bartenders.  Add to that the fact that we served only 400 drinks to 300 people at the first h'Art Opening!  That's a little more than one drink per person over the course of 7 hours.  So I guess we are not a drinking crowd, and not serving alcohol after the "art opening" segment seems to make sense.  We plan to have a variety of interesting non-alcoholic beverages available, including kava-kava, kombucha, chai, herbal teas, elixirs, tinctures, and juices.  If you have some ideas or would like to contribute to our non-alcoholic bar, please e-mail us at
Other activities at the Church of Bass:
We are offering a number of interesting regular and special events.  Here are a few to keep in mind:
·         Dance Church: Come and join us for ecstatic free style dancing to some of Seattle's top DJ's every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 7:20pm – 10:20pm.  For more information please visit our tribe page at
·         Isochronic and Binaural Brain Entrainment: We'd like to invite you to join us every Thursday for a sound frequency healing session using isochronic and binaural tones.  Isochronic Tones uses sounds to entrain the mind to altered states of consciousness.  Our session starts at 7:20pm and we ask that you please be on time, as we will close the doors shortly thereafter.  Please bring a pillow to sit on if you can – we'll have some but not enough for a large turnout.  We're using current and developing technology to access different levels of consciousness to the point of familiarity and self direction.  The concurrent aim is navigating the potential of group access to the collective conscious and its effects.  You can read more at and  You are also welcome to check out our tribe at  
·         We're very excited about hosting Communiversity here on March 22.  Communiversity is an all day experiential learning event and community potluck featuring some of our community's brilliant minds and biggest hearts. A day of creativity, interactivity, healing and consciousness expansion. Throughout the day you will learn about Mind Machines, binaural beats, plant alchemy, gemstone therapy, acupuncture, grassroots city planning, Gaian studies, magik circles, Damanhur Italy, sacred toning, hands on mask making, raw food goodies, and the Sonosphere.
Before I sign off I'd like to let you know that I'm still feeling my way around the many exciting opportunities to use my space to foster the kind of community that we love, so please consider it a work in progress….  I'd also like to express my sincere appreciation to the h'Art team: Nina, Alisha, Heather, Isaac, Jael, Theresa, Freewil, Eva, Lola, Chris, Nathan, Indigo, and each of you for all your love, encouragement, and enthusiasm.  Thank you for co-creating all of this with me. 
"h'Art Opening" is an event for you, about you, and with you.  Without you there would be no "h'Art Opening".  I'd like to invite you to PERSONALLY invite your friends, but please DO NOT POST on lists.  And PLEASE INCLUDE this lengthy e-mail as well as the attached e-flyer with each invitation, as it communicates the intention and vibe we're striving for. J  And thank you for reading all of this!
Love, light, and gratitude,
If you'd like to join the Transcendent Church of Bass information/invitation e-mail address list, please send an e-mail to  We'll send out periodic invitations to our house-produced events, such as h'Art Opening, Dance Church, Sound Frequency Healing, and so on.  Expected volume is low - approximately 1-2 e-mails per week. 

Also, this diem for hire! I am looking to fill up my dj booking calendar for 2008! I plan on releasing my 2008 15 year anniversary disc this summer, and am looking to play from San Diego up to Vancouver BC. If you are interested in having me play, contact me at diem @ bunnygroove DOT com.

CD's for burning are here, and the latest sets are under "live sets":


Hello all, Miss Bunny Ruffles here.

As a lover of all things cute and furry, I'm organizing this year's (inaugural?) Victoria Bunnarchy. I bandied it about with a few people and got a general consensus on March 22. Now I know this is also worldwide pillowfight day, but 
really, we CAN do both. Pillowfight at 3pm, then seeing as people 
will be loitering about anyway, hit the pubs! Create mayhem and chaos 
downtown! Confuse locals and tourists alike! Make total asses of 
ourselves (of which we do well)! Get arrested and spend the night in 
the drunk tank! No wait, scratch the last one.

So, you may be asking yourself, what do I need to do to prepare 
myself? Well, it's not rocket science people, get yourself some ears 
and a tail at the very least (special prizes for best bunny outfit), 
and it would be helpful to learn the bunny hop. Here's instructions 
for the slackers out there:

http://www.ehow. com/how_15790_ bunny-hop. html

That is all.
Pam/Bunny Ruffles


Warm greetings!

We'd love you to come and join us at Tost from 8.30 pm on Sunday March 23rd, to help celebrate long awaited Spring and the release of Henta's new electronic dream-pop album, "Daisy Dancing".

Henta, originally from the UK, is a singer/songwriter and she'll be performing 2 live sets with Marcell Marias, as well as performing songs with her special guests, DJ Muad'deep, David Miles Huber and Ludington GT.

We aim to create a chilled and downtempo evening with electronic grooves, engaging melody and Henta's strong and sensual vocals, together with some cool visuals and chocolate!  

Cover charge $5 and discounted CDs will be available at the Merchandise Booth on the night.

Please check out for more details about the performers.

Henta is also part of EMC who will be co-hosting this event.

Look forward to seeing you!


Hello everyone!

Greeting! This is Olie and I got your email addresses by a variety of means, so please let me know if this is an unwanted message by replying with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line, and my apologies.

This is the first of a quarterly newsletter regarding musical games/projects sponsored and administered by Beep Repaired <>  and curated by yours truly.
The White Elephant Record Exchange Project was undertaken by 20 individuals in the late part  of January 2008 and will air for the first time on Hollow Earth Radio <>  this wednesday March 19th at 9 pm pacific time and will re-air Thursday.

This project involved sampling, composition, and ultimately all kinds of sound making.
Participants were to find the "worst" and "most unusable" 12" vinyl records they could find. Those were then exchanged by random and by whatever method I saw fit. They then had to compose a piece of at least 1 minute 30 seconds (give or take) by only editing and  'creative' playback of the record itself. No pitch adjustment or time stretching/compressing, effects was allowed by digital means.  Just cut and paste, layering, and volume adjustment. This comprises part 1. 

These finished pieces were then given to the original chooser of the source record to 'remix' this time there were no restrictions except that the new piece be "based" on the one they were given. Anything goes.

The result is nearly 40 incredibly varied tracks that range from very hummable-mainstream-danceable, to abstract experimental soundscapes.

Here is the list of participants

Douglas Arney (corespondents)
David Bratton (Donkey Flamingo, Beep Repaired)
Cole Cunningham (Heck Ar, Dj Dogwater, Hollow Earth Radio)
Christopher DeLaurenti (Seattle Phonographers Union, The Stranger)
Nate Ellis-Brown (Lake of Falcons, Beep Repaired)
Olie Eshleman (Corespondents, Beep Repaired, My Peach is Pickled, Hollow Earth Radio)
Jake Fiolek (hollow Earth Radio)
Johhny Goss (Cock and Swan, Dandelion Gold)
Kieran Harrison-Buhlinger (Hecka Ar, Hollow Earth Radio)
Ola Hungerford (Cock and Swan, Dandelion Gold)
Garrett Kelly(Hollow Earth Radio, Beast Please Be Still, Beep Repaired)
James Key (unlearn)
Jason Kopec (noise | order records, unlearn)
Choncey Langford (choncey langford, guam, woodson lateral)
Emory Liu (Joy Wants Eternity, Beast Please Be Still, Beep Repaired)
Brendan Mills-McCabe (The Leisure Hive)
Amber Morgan (Hollow Earth Radio, Beast Please Be Still, Beep Repaired)
Ian Obermuller (Snowman Plan, Beep Repaired)
Kevin Parsell (Tectonic Plates, Dandelion Gold)
Greg Telvik (rcade digital)

All the tracks will be available for free download at <>  along with photosof the records used starting March 20th.

A few promotion CD's will be available though me if you rather. Just email me with your request if you want one.
Also please let me know if you or anyone you would like to be considered for participation in future games/projects

This project was a ton o' fun and the finished project is my favorite CD right now. Expect to hear from me in 3 months!

Thanks for listening.

Olie Eshleman < < <


The missing woman, Grace, has been found! Thanks for spreading the word! She 

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