Friday, July 13, 2007

[diem's list] Kipa ana is next week/tattoo?

Just two quick notes everyone!

1) Kipa Ana is next week!
2) Tattoo trade anyone? Pass it on!

Kipa Ana is next week! And we're getting excited around here! You can buy
pre-sale tickets at:

Remember--100% of net proceeds go *directly* to fund tutoring programs for
Sri Lankan children. One year of English tutoring is only $240, and it
only takes one person in a family with a job speaking English to bring
them all out of poverty level.

You *can* directly make a difference!


I design websites as a side project, and am looking to barter tattoo work
for a website for you.

Generally I charge from $50/$100 hour, but would like to do a swap on a
hour per hour basis. If I spend 5 hours on your site, I get 5 hours
tattooing, if I spend 10 hours on your site, I get 10 hours tattooing, and
so on.

Want your site to look awesome?

Here are the sites I have made:

Also, "pgnew" is not yet live to the world (hence squirrel sex image
placeholders) as I am waiting for final images from the customer.

Keep in mind I don't create content, but can help a little in that area.
Also, as an added bonus, I can set you up with hosting for a year or show
you how to host it yourself.

Write me back at dave AT djdiem com

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