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[diem's list] 03-09-07, with new lemon fresh scent!

Hi! So March is usually kind of mellow, however there are five events
to sit up and take note of. So here's the menu:

1) Thanks!
2) Four Seasons This Saturday March 10th
3) Dirty Martinez Radio Show March 12th
4) diem at Pala, Portland, OR. March 14th
5) IgnitionNW Town Hall Meeting March 26th
6) On and Off this list of madness!


Thanks for those who came out and attended my first ever photo show.
I am learning a lot, and it was interesting watching the crowd. I
sold one, and was delighted to see that! More shows will come, i


Just what is Four Seasons? Four Seasons is the third event produced
by Dale Phurrough's Social Living Productions. Dale spends months
preparing for each show, and it shows. Each piece performed is a
choreographed spectacle to behold. The last two shows, Tokyo 2025,
and Tokyo 2025 the revenge transformed Barca with 3 stages and
amazing dancers, food, bands, and dj's.

Here's his mission statement:

This show features more performances, and also Lee Coombs, legendary
electronic producer and dj from England (!). It's $10 at Neumo's THIS
SATURDAY March 10th. Rarely do I say the words "get there early", but
this time around you should heed my warning. You really, truly don't
want to miss the early performances. I'll be there at 9pm with my
bunny ears on.


Dirty Martinez Radio Show

I host the DMRS, and we are on show 16! Yeowza! We have local people
bring in one hour of whatever they want to play, from surf punk to
country, to 60's french spy jazz to boomin' beats. The second hour is
a live PA, band, or dj who is local, awesome, and fun.

Monday, March. 12th
ToST Lounge, Seattle, WA.

Featuring Brian Wise, as co--host, who has zydeco and blues for us
DJ Aaron (Vito's) to follow



Match 14th
Headlining in Portland, OR at Club Pala



NW Tekno:

It's $1. That's right--a buck! Come down and join the carpool--which
might be full, but two cars is better than one!


As you may know, I am the Burning Man regional contact here in
Seattle, and totally endorse the board and hope to see you at this

Ignition Northwest is happy to announce it's SPRING TOWN HALL.

Monday, March 26th at 7:00 PM
The Capitol Hill Arts Center
1621 12th Avenue, Seattle

It's been a hell of a year so far for Ignition Norhtwest and the
Burningman Community. Learn what we've done, what we're going to do
and how
you can be a part of it. Be the first to hear the latest Critical
information and opportunities. Get the skinny on Monday Burn Nights,
potlucks, public art, the future of Ignition Northwest and greening the
burn. And find out what REALLY went down at the Regionals Conference
(Warning! May include knuckle art). Plus SPECIAL GUEST, Carmen Mauk of
Burners Without Borders.

Seriously, this is going to be a good one. More info to come.

Phill Arensberg
Vice President
Ignition Northwest



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