Monday, August 14, 2006


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I just played my best event in close to three years -- Flowmotion's 6th Annual Summer Meltdown. It is a *huge* hippie hoe-down, to the tune of nearly 50 Jam Bands. Erik Moore, founder and head of Boogie Universal, brought a dance dome last year, and was invited back to program and run a dance tent.
Not just a tent, THE tent: 9,000 sq ft, holding over 600 people.

Here's some pics:

The pic above is my aforementioned set--this was my view. Erik booked me for the 4:30 am slot, but as chance would have it all dj's by the name of Brandon failed to show (ha!) and Alex's (Ursula 1000) plane was late. Erik came over, and asked me if I was willing to play early. I said "Let me get this straight: You want to have the March 4th Marching band lead in close to 600 people in this tent direct from the headline hippie band of the night, play right after KJ Sawka's live drum and bass set, with a full tent? Umm.....sure *grin* "
Erik smiled back, and the night begun. Later the security guy said he counted over 600 people, with close to another 100 outside who couldn't get in.

The set went flawlessly, and was nothing short of insane. The next morning I saw the roof of the tent, and it was wet. I asked Erik what it was, and he said it was condensation -- from dancing.


I got to meet and camp with Etienne (Rithma from OM records), who is a funny guy. Check out his ass in my pics...Anywho, I am playing Hempfest this Saturday (thank to Michael Manahan).

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