Monday, July 24, 2006

The beginning...or the end?

So the time has come, and this is just the beginning. For years I swore off blogging, but now I bought a phone (european sony ericcson, because American models of euro phones are weakened for some reason) that has a 2MP camera *in it*, and can email directly from the phone both pics and text. So now that technology has caught up.....I will begin.

So I've been resistant to blogs for years, but this one won't be one of those lame whiney journals of life, where people can backstab and mention initials (OMG! Like did you see what T.F. was wearing? She looked like such a ho!). I'm a rather positive person, and this will be my journey. That and i'm gigging a lot, and after 13 years of dj'ing I think a nice record of all these gigs might be a nice idea -- lest I forget how much fun I was having ;-).

I am in progress of doing a HUGE revamp of my website, with the fabulous Clara Todd ( as the back end developer. Part of the will be this site revamp wil be this blog. Yay...and shit.

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